Gran Canaria

Often called a ‘miniature continent’, Gran Canaria is bursting with a stunning variety of landscapes and unique microclimates.

Canary Islands The island also has a lively and exciting capital; Las Palmas, which offers fantastic nights out. With some 500 beaches and lying just west of Africa, Gran Canaria is a sure-bet for fabulous year-round sultry weather.

canary_2699781bSports activity enthusiasts will appreciate the vast bike trail network that runs throughout the island and as you’d expect there’s plenty of watersports happening on the beaches. Gran Canaria is also a hiking hotspot with a huge variety of hill walks through cave villages, lakes and mountains, whilst soaking up the magnificent flora and fauna.

p014hh1xGet off the beaten track for a true trekking adventure. The main tourist spots include Maspalomas which is ideal for groups, Puerto Mogan is perfect for a quiet laidback break and Puerto Rico and Playa del Ingles are lively and bright with plenty of happening bars, restaurants and nightclubs.



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